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Accurate measurements will ensure the successful purchase of your baby crib.
So follow these directions carefully. Let’s begin!

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1.Measure Your Room

Sketch the footprint of the room including the location of all doors, windows, built-ins, etc. (Refer to the samples below as a guide.) Use a tape measure to calculate the length of each wall, corner
to corner; also measure all windows, doorways, built-in cabinetry and record those measurements on your sketch.

Next measure each wall in detail; from corner to outer edge of window frame, each window from one outer edge of the frame to the other, etc. Continue this process around the entire room recording each measurement on your sketch. When you finish with your detailed measurements, the total should equal the overall measurement of the wall.

It is also helpful to include the ceiling height of the room, locations of heating and air conditioning ducts, radiators, window heights; space between top of window and ceiling, location of wall sconces, and wall switches.


Also measure any existing piece of furniture you wish us to incorporate into the new design. (See diagram below.) Scan the completed footprint and email to order your top rated baby cribs.

2.Take Digital Photos
Take photos of your room including shots of all 4 walls, from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Also take photos of any piece of furniture you wish to include in the new design.

3.Complete the Comprehensive Style Questionnaire
This is important! Your answers will guide us in creating a design that matches your preferences. Answer the questions fully and tell us anything else you’d like us to know about you, your child or the design of your room. Click here to fill out our online questionnaire.

Baby Care Advice for First Time Moms

Welcome to our blog. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to cuddle that little angel that has lived inside your womb for the past nine months. You may see your birth with a mix of excitement and trepidation. After all, things will change drastically once you’ve given birth to your precious little infant.

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This website provides you with baby care tips and advice on how to prepare yourself and take care of your baby after birth.

First of all, you need to be vigilant about your regular pre-natal checkups.

Weekly visits to your doctor as the due date draws near will help monitor maternal and fetal health so that you also will avoid unpleasant surprises during the day itself. Whether it’s a low-risk or high-risk pregnancy, you need to make sure you make that trip.

Before you give birth, you may be asked to choose which way you want to go. Will you prefer the natural method or will you want to be sedated once the contractions begin? Discuss these options with your doctor and make the decision way before you dilate. It helps to check hospital facilities two months prior to your delivery. It’s also best to process the admission papers beforehand because some clinics do actually allow this.

Furnish all documents and discuss your plans with your supervisor so that you can take the proper leave from work.

The point here is to remove all the factors that can stress you so that you will be able to fully concentrate on your baby when the time comes.

Aside from the documents, prepare the things that you will have to bring in the hospital so that you can just grab and go when your baby decides to enter this world before the expected date. Baby essentials include receiving blankets, mittens, booties, onesies, rompers and diapers.

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You also have to think about the time that you come home from the hospital. Stock up on infant essentials at home and make sure your new nursery is neat and baby-friendly. Prepare your own tray of necessities and make sure that you have the right food stocked in the fridge in case you do decide to breastfeed your baby.

Usually, you will be spending most of your time with your little one, so you have to learn how to manage and delegate your chores. Try not to make things too hectic on yourself. Instead, see this as a chance to bond with your newborn instead of thinking about the other things you may need to do.

Moms-to-be need to set aside their free time to read books on baby care, especially when this is their first time. Remember, it is best to keep yourself calm while waiting for your water to break. Set your worries aside and just put your focus on preparing for the time your baby arrives. Also trust in your maternal instincts because these are always right.

When you have nothing but love in your heart, know that things will turn out to your favor in the end. It helps to stay strong and positive because after all, this is for the good of your precious little angel.


Lily Bloom Bella Crossbody Handbag

Lily Bloom is usually a bag seller and distributor providing women’s needs and wants. Currently, Lily Bloom is becoming a popular brand for making eco-friendly number of bags, one of which is the Lily Bloom Bella crossbody handbag.

Lily Bloom Bella crossbody handbag is made of recycled materials. The bag is primarily created from plastic bottles. It has top pockets, 2 slip pockets, and belt-like accent with dual handles. It has an additional body attached below the handle. The feminine prints and vibrant colors with this satchel handbag add to it’s uniqueness. It measures 15 inches wide x 6 inches x 10 inches wide with interior pocket/

Bags are women’s best buddy. Without it, you feel incomplete, uneasy, and disorganized. Also, your bag is the best weapon to maintain your freshness each day. It holds valuable things that you need. So, never sacrificed the quality when you plan order your ultimate weapon.

Lily Bloom Bella crossbody handbag is an excellent option, in terms of sturdiness and quality. It is one of several well-chosen pieces among Lily Bloom’s luggage collection. Carrying Satchel Handbag will let you achieve the feeling of being a trendy woman. Lily Bloom made this crossbody Handbag from plastic bottles.

Using recycled materials in case making promotes sustainable environment on the planet of fashion. A socially and environmentally conscious woman will surely love this fashion item.
Lily Bloom Bella crossbody handbag delivers style featuring a multiple pockets which give an individual ample space for organizing your individual things. It has colorful imprinted designs with stylish extra body. You can keep your coins or lipstick into it especially when you travel a whole lot. Showy pouch is very functional when you are a traveler, immediately you can put your loose change inside.

Lily Bloom Bella crossbody handbag received huge numbers of positive reviews, feedbacks, and testimonies. The fact that this handbag is made of plastic bottles, customers were overwhelmed for having fashionable handbag originated from recycled materials.

Users loved this Satchel Handbag for its lightweight material. According to them, no matter how many weights you put in place the bag, still they find it easy to carry.
Most customers were impressed when they already saw and touched the particular bag. Who would have thought in which Lily Bloom Bella crossbody handbag is made of plastic water bottles? A trash has become turned into a beautiful practical bag.
Moreover, customers were amazed that Satchel Handbag can be partnered easily with unique variations of clothes.
Sustainable fashion is what the fashion industry needs today. Using and patronizing Lily Bloom Bella crossbody handbag is a wonderful example of being a nature-loving man or woman.
Lily Bloom Bella crossbody handbag is actually a breakthrough in promoting eco friendly environment. Lily Bloom observes the essence from the fours program-reduce, recycle, reuse, and reclaim.

Bella crossbody handbag by Lily Bloom is usually a must-try product. Be inspired with Lily Bloom’s eco-friendly collection and join in on her advocacy.
If you come in the mood for bright colour bag, Lily Bloom Bella crossbody handbag is the right fashion item for an individual.

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